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Today Has Been A Good Day

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Today has been a good day, but last week was Bad…

I didn’t really notice how bad it was or really notice how little life-stuff I was doing (like, shopping, washing, going out, interacting with housemates…) and then I had a bit of an Epic Crisis and although I should have gone to pottery and then had a group supper with my housemates, I went home to my family at short notice and my mum met me at the train station. I felt really low, and I only now realise how bad I felt by comparing it to how much better I feel today. The weekend was not great, but we got a new sofa suite with reclining chairs which are really squishy and moving furniture was a good distraction. My dog (who’s 13 years old and groany) didn’t groan when he saw the new chairs but immediately wagged his tail as if to say , ‘which one’s mine?!’

Upon my return to London, I have been in significantly lighter spirits. I have managed to tidy my room (doesn’t sound like a lot, but serious progress compared to last week) and prepare healthy meals and have kept myself busy instead of hiding in bed all day. I am not sure why my mood has changed so suddenly, why it was so low last week or whether I will feel awful again tomorrow – that, I suppose, is the *joy* of having depression.

Anyway, today was a good day.

I went to Camden Market with my Shiny Understanding Friend and bought red hair dye and a pretty throw for my room and pretty dream catchers and a really really awesome backpack which is made of an old flannel shirt and has the collar on the back and is really soft and lovely! We had a good time browsing the stalls and there were lots of people with outrageous hair stlyes/colours, that make me think my choice of red hair dye is pretty tame. After going round camden, we got the tube and then had chinese takeaway… and now we are sitting at my laptop – happy that today has been a Good Day. Good days do happen, and we should make the most of when they do 🙂 .


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