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Trying to feel better..

So, this blog will not become a ‘I’m better, I’m worse, I’m better, I’m still depressed’-type ramble.. I bore myself talking about my depression, and the ‘hey look I applied to jobs’ and the ‘oh crap I didn’t get out of bed ’til 2 and then all I did was eat chocolate…’ is dire. Not Helping the Problem, really.

So, I’m going to write a list of all the things that make me feel better, or just help while I’m feeling rubbish. In no particular order, here goes:

1. my dog! My dog is awesome. His name is Demo, and he is 13 years old. He was a rescue dog, we got him in 2003. I love Demo – he is fluffy and cute and his favourite thing is to lie on your lap/lie on you in bed, and make happy groany noises. He is very warm and cuddly, a big softie:


2. my duvet – it doesn’t make me feel better, and sometimes makes things worse but its warm and  I wish I could hibernate in it!

3. my friends and family – they are supportive, funny, caring, and great to hang around. I’ve mentioned my Shiny Supportive Friend before as being really supportive and awesome – we meet up once a week for a chats, milkshake, pizza and more. I really truly appreciate his, and my other friends’, support.

4. the other inspiring bloggers out there – you cheer me up and give me perspective on how I’m feeling and what I’m going through – thank you!

5. doing arty/crafty things – I have always enjoyed doing creative stuff, whether its making cards, baking cookies or doing pottery. I recently finished my ten week part-time pottery course, and it was a really good experience. I really enjoyed learning about how the clay’s properties can vary, and about all the pretty glazes. My final piece was a fairy tale castle, with jaggedy edges and mushroom-like towers. It was so amazing to make it and see how much it changed week-by-week.

6. ooh I nearly lost count then… I don’t really have anything else I can think of, actually. There are plenty of things that I don’t like. I don’t like myself, I don’t like the way I overeat chocolate as a ‘coping mechanism’, or the way I can no longer concentrate on my favourite TV programmes or the way I forget things and get confused about stuff. I don’t like the way all I think about are the things I don’t like about my situation right now. Sigh, I just feel pathetic.

Oh well, I suppose – I hope one day I can look back on this and say how it made me stronger, or something. I hope to actually care about my future sometime soon, and have a Life Plan and things. Until then, I’m done moaning and groaning (hopefully) 🙂


3 thoughts on “Trying to feel better..

  1. I’d just like to point out how pleased I am to see Demo in full fuzziness. And do I detect an almost-twirly tail there…?

    Ahem. I am officially fuzzing this post. And now I will go away… and reply to your email 😀

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