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Ahhh I might be a grown-up!!


I applied for like, 20 jobs in a rush the other day… and I have done a whole day of working, yay! I’m hired!! :O . I am still in shock – and tomorrow I face a long day on my own running a market stall selling healthy food on the other side of London.. I’m nervous in case I make stupid mistakes, but I am pathetically manic-grinning constantly 😀 .

I got a phone call on Thursday, and my Shiny Friend (SF, for short 😛 you know who you are!) was with me and encouraged me to phone back, which I did, and I was asked to work yesterday, for 6 1/2 hours… eeee!! Exciting!! And today I had a phone interview for another job (it is more full-time, and progressiony, and has less standing (as in, not for the whole day on sore flat feet with insufficient insoles) and would actually cover my really expensive London rent) and I will have a face-to-face interview next week. The market job is only weekends, although it is very exciting!! I’m not going to turn down a chance to practice interviews, even if I stay on the market – it’s all early days yet, a job is a job and all that.

I also wanted to write about the good books I have been reading lately, mostly down to recommendations from SF… some from other friends/other random places (or not-so-random places, like they were shiny and in the library)….

The Host – Stephenie Meyer – this is Actually Epic, and 1,000,000,000x better than the film (which I saw last week while in Kent), it’s an alright film, but the book is awesome and will have sequels and totally beats Twilight and yeah… can’t recommend it enough!

A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night – Deborah Harkness – about a witch who falls in love with a vampire and does magic and goes back in time to Elizabethan England… weird but good… I found this at the local library, and it looked pretty… also highly recommendable if you find yourself with depression (so don’t want to get out of bed) and have a lot of free time on your hands.

Only Human – Tom Holt – SF recommended this one, he said he enjoyed it very much and so did I but to get most of the jokes and references you need to have a working knowledge of Britain (London in particular) during the 90s… very funny though, one of Hell’s wages clerks gets swapped with a Vicar whilst God is on holiday… 🙂 The wages clerk was definitely my favourite character, closely followed by the machine in a human body.

I recently read Delirium by Lauren Oliver, and it was really good with a sad ending and I want to read the next ones in the series!!

I am currently reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, (recommended by SF, he has given me inspiration to Do Reading again) and it is very interesting so far and has a good writing style. It’s creepy test-tube babies gone out of control, so it’s a fascinating bad-future-broken-utopia.

Anyway, on that note I’m off to read more of my book and try not to panic too much about how I will survive 9 hours on my feet in a new market in a part of London I haven’t been to before by myself being grown-up and responsible and stuff tomorrow… Bye for now!


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