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Turning a corner?

I think I may be turning a corner. Getting better – I don’t wish.to speak too soon though. I have learned a lot about myself over the past 10 (!! Has it been so long) months.. I think I now accept that depression is something that will always lurk in my life, but that I can improve it.

I am on a lower dose of citalopram now, and it has made me more anxious and irritable BUT I now have a job! Hoorah! I will start next month, and there is lots of training and yay:-) . For the first time, I was fully open about my depression in my application. I think that has helped me accept it and be accepted – and I know that makes me one of the lucky ones!

Blogosphere, I have a question:
If you are back in work/applying, are you open about it? Would you be open about your illness in the future?

I’m glad to have good news, thank you for your blogosphere-ears šŸ™‚

Bye for now, speak soon I hope!



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