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Moving Forward

Hiya world, I’m back! (kind of) – I have an exciting new job starting soon, yay! And I have a lifeplan, finally. It goes like this: do job, get money, save up then… Leave home (well, a long way off yet, but my lifeplan is focused really on making sure the next few years are much happier than the last one). Phew.

I also have Super Exciting New Friends – two 8-week old little pet rats. Called Rufus (white) and Kippy (peachy brown):



I know lots of people out there think rats are yucky. This is not true – their tails are downy and soft, not scaly worm things. Rats are clean and very clever – and both rats, that I have had for just over a week, will run up to me for hugs on my shoulder and cuddles while snuffling my ear. They won’t yet come when called, but eventually they will play fetch and do other little tricks I teach them. Getting these guys is an important step for me to keep me unstressed and happy, and have some extra unconditional love going on.
They are so cute!

Anyway, the other update I have to share is that I am now on a lower dose of antidepressants, whoop! It was a bit nasty when I first cut down, because I was very irritable and stressed out, but after a week or so that settled. I’m not sure how much my mood has improved as a result of moving back home, and of finally finding a job – but I’m keeping aware of my mood and taking things as slowly as possible.

Finally, I know I don’t comment that much on other people’s blogs, but I read your blogs, soak up your inspiration and it has helped hugely to know I am not alone – so, thank you blogosphere, I am proud to be a blogger with you guys 😀 .


3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

    • They’re adorable but very cheeky! They’ve found all the corners in my room and hide just out of reach chattering at me naughtily! They are truly remarkable, clever little fellas 😀

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