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Life goes on, depression does too.

So it’s been a long time since I last blogged. HELLO AGAIN BLOG! Lots has changed, and lots has not changed.

I have been at my new job since September – and it is really good. I went in open about my depression, and have completed my training. I enjoy what I do, which is good.

In other news, my depression has returned, and I have been off sick from work for 2 months. And as I am in the probationary period at work I don’t get sick pay, yay! But I should go back soon (monday, fingers crossed!) and as long as I do I shouldn’t lose my job. They have been very understanding and accommodating, which is a relief. I’m not sure what triggered my latest bout of depression; it started just after Christmas. I have a vitamin D deficiency to go with it!! Go me!! And now I’m on a high dose of citalopram again.

I have spoken with an NHS person and should get CBT appointments through soon. Hopefully I can tame the depression beast this time around. And the lady that did my phone assessment says my depression is presenting a little like agoraphobia at the moment – so the mere thought of going to work (even though I like work) makes me feel panicky. And I feel grim and exhausted nearly constantly – old news that.

In better news, I have had driving lessons – and I finally took my test a week ago. I passed first time and I thought I hit the kerb but it was just potholes. And I only had one minor (I stalled once) so now I can drive my little red car. It’s good having the independence, but I think I had too high hopes for the impact it would have on my depression. Depression not gone 😦 .

Things got better and then worse – but I believe they can get better again, especially if I can get back to work. I will endeavour to blog more frequently from now – but that’s all from me today. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Life goes on, depression does too.

  1. You’re alive! Yay! I always look forward to your blog posts because I feel like they are both honest but somewhat optimistic about the future. Depressed people need all the shots of optimism we can get, and your blog is great for that. Rooting for you!

    • Yup! Aw that’s very sweet of you. I’m a pretty optimistic person, it’s just my depression that isn’t! I do try to separate how I feel from how my depression makes me feel, but it is tough. I’ve been meaning to do another update for a while, so I’ll do that soon.

      Thanks! Take care πŸ™‚


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