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Future and lack of future

So much for blogging more often, huh?! So yeah, it’s been a while. Not very much to report unfortunately.

I’ve  not yet returned to work, but at least I still have a job to go back to when I’m better. Even four hours a day proved too much, it can be exhausting putting on my everything-is-okay face. They’ve been very understanding. And I’ve started therapy. I didn’t get along with the NHS CBT lady so I’ve gone private and have weekly sessions now.

I have also tried changing my medication. Venlafaxine really did not agree with me personally, I felt the worst I’ve been in a long while. Now I’m on fluoxetine, which seems much better. I’ve actually started thinking about getting back to work, which is a HUGE deal. Although HR says I’m not yet ready :-S I really want to be though. I wanna move out and stuff! But anyways, depression has its ups and downs and I think(?!) I’m heading for an up about now. I don’t have real future-plans yet but watch this space! Speak soon, blogosphere 🙂


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