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Progress! Hopefully!

It feels like ages since I last blogged. So, update!

Got the sack from work. I reckon unfair dismissal because the HR doc totally pushed me out and I said I was well and he said I wasn’t. So there’s that. Buuuuut I’ve been having interviews for new jobs and I should get an offer! For an awesome sounding job close to home. I’ll be able to move out soon which is very exciting. I feel as if my pipe dream of moving out is becoming a reality and it is really positive.

I have officially been In A Relationship with Mr Awesome for 2 months. Things are awesome so far. I feel so welcomed by his friends and family, and I feel like I have a bit of a social life now. It makes me feel really positive about the future and about myself. I’m so excited to get working at the new job and feel like I’m entering a new chapter of Frynness!

In other, depression-related news, fluoxetine is really good for me. I’m on a medium dose, and the side effects are minimal. I can have a little drink without passing out, which is nice. And I really am starting to feel more positive. Although that may be due to the boyfriend rather than the tablets!

I am really looking forward to moving out with my little pet rats. Poor Rufus has had a few cases of the snuffles, which has meant giving him antibiotics soaked into bread. At one point the vet thought he may be asthmatic which was rather concerning! And poor Kipper had a sore patch on his belly that turned into a little skin infection. They’re both doing fine now and being super cute! My lovely little bundles of hugs!

I thiiiiink that’s all I have as an update really. Just wanted to check in with the ole blog. And use far too many exclamation marks!!!!!!


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