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Hi there blogosphere!

Following recent twitter successes (700 followers! Whoop!) and kind comments, I figured I’d write a new blog post. I’ll try to make these updates more frequent too.

I’ve been really busy lately (doing what, I hear you ask!) so I’d like to write about that. I have been doing some new volunteering with British Heart Foundation doing admin and telephone stuff. This is really exciting, because although it is only 9 hours per week, it is vital experience that will update my CV and make me employable when I’m ready to work again (which I hope will be relatively soon). I’m thrilled. The general life plan is 1) get a job 2) stick at job then 3) move out of supported accommodation (into my own flat! Exciting!) ….. I’ll keep you informed with how that goes, but on the whole I’m feeling really positive about the future (yay for aripiprazole!)

In other news, I have recently made a huge 180-degree change in opinion on faith. I used to be a hard line atheist, believing there is nothing after death and that life is futile and pointless. Now I believe in God! A huge, exciting/scary change for me. I’m interested to learn your opinions on faith with regards to mental health conditions; how do they compliment/oppose one another? My previously atheist beliefs seemed to fit with my negative, depressed view of the world.. Is it because I have a more positive outlook that I am able to believe in God, or is it because I believe in God that I have a more positive outlook? Puzzling. I appreciate this is a hot topic, I don’t wish to be too controversial, I’m just interested to hear your opinions!

Thank you,

Peace out,